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Selling a house and then buying another home incurs costs,so it may be cheaper torent out your house and move back in when you return. Quite often,folks who are not sure where their lives are taking them will hold onto their property. Rentingallows them to do that while keeping the option open to selling in the future.

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  • Should you rent out your home or sell it?

  • 淭he good thing about renting out your place is that, in some regard, you can time the market to see when the best time to sell would be,?says White. Renting it out for a year and taking a look at the market and your home value later could make this waiting game pay off. 4.

  • Should I rent or sell my house if it needs repairs?

  • Selling or renting your home if it needs repairs When repairs matter: In general, the condition of the home matters less to potential renters than buyers. Big-ticket items: Regardless of whether you rent or sell your home, you檒l want to address issues with your home major systems, like the roof, furnace, water heater, and electrical panel.

  • Should you lease or sell your home?

  • Home values are increasing: If you can expect the value of the home to increase soon, leasing your home could help you take advantage of that appreciation before you sell. You can afford to sell: If you檙e underwater on the mortgage, it probably doesn make sense to sell.

  • Should you sell your house to become a landlord?

  • Even if you want to be a landlord, your current house may not be a good fit. Maybe you are moving too far away, or the home is not in the right neighborhood, or needs too much work. You can always use cash from the sale of your home to invest in a better rental property.