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  • Can expats rent out their property in the Netherlands?

  • And you can supplement your income by renting out your property or house in the Netherlands, even as an expat. But regardless of whether you are Dutch or an international, buying a property to let out in the Netherlands has its caveats 攁 few things you need to know before signing a contract with your tenants that make everything legal.

  • How much tax do you pay when renting a house in Netherlands?

  • In short, when you rent your property out in the Netherlands, then the value of the property is taxed (this is generally around 30%). However, this all varies so much from property to property and it all depends if you are still living in the Netherlands or not, so it impossible to give exact figures. 3. Should you use a Dutch rental agency?

  • Where can tenants get advice when renting in the Netherlands?

  • Tenants can also contact the !WOON tenant support agency which provides free information and advice to tenants renting in the Netherlands. Depending on the property you move into and your tenancy agreement, you may be responsible for setting up accounts for things such as electricity, gas, internet, phone, and TV when renting in the Netherlands.

  • How to make a rental contract in the Netherlands?

  • In general, rental contracts in the Netherlands should include: Both your and your landlord name and signature. An agreed monthly rent and method of payment. Rental security deposit information, if applicable. An address and description of the place. Starting and ending dates.