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  • Is there a beach house for rent in Southern California?

  • These Southern California beach house rentals are great for the laid-back glamper and reflect true California style. Whether you’re looking to rent a beach house in California or cheap beach house for rent in California, there’s nothing like glamping in one of these Southern California beachfront vacation rentals.

  • How many beachfront rentals are there in California?

  • California beachfront rentals We found 2,904 beachfront rentals ?enter your dates for availability Home United States California Beachfront Explore California beachfront rentals Previous Save Oceanfront Beach House Sleeps 5 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms $240avg/night (141)

  • What are the best vacation rentals in California for summer?

  • Private beach rentals, California lake cabin rentals, and our Northern California beach rentals are simply the best; the ideal plan for summer or even California lake house rentals! Here you can take your pick of any number of luxury vacation rentals.

  • Where to find the best lakefront rentals in California?

  • Where to find the best lakefront rentals in California. 1 Lake Almanor rentals. Lake Almanor is one of California’s under-the-radar vacation destinations, for sure ?but fans will tell you that its tranquil … 2 Clear Lake vacation rentals. 3 Lakefront rentals at Shasta Lake.