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  • Is my tenant responsible for cutting the grass in my yard?

  • They don care that your tenant is letting the grass grow ?they檙e going to call you and threaten to initiate a fine if you don cut the grass immediately. Thus, you檙e the one responsible. 2. But You Can Require Tenants to Do Yard Work

  • Does my Landlord have to cut the grass in the snow?

  • Lease says tenants must cut the lawn and shovel the snow The landlord has an obligation to keep the building and the rental units in it in a good state of repair and comply with health and safety standards. It is the landlord responsibility for snow removal and grass cutting.

  • Who is responsible for mowing the lawn when renting a house?

  • This agreement is simply somewhere in between the other two. The agreement may state that the landlord will pay professionals for garden maintenance and lawn fertilizing, but the renter will be responsible for mowing and watering the yard. This type of agreement can work well for both parties as a middle of the road agreement.

  • What is the rental home lawn care debate?

  • The rental home lawn care debate is a very common issue that should be addressed, agreed upon and put into your rental agreement or lease. If your home is occupied by tenants, ask yourself these questions: Does a tenant take as much pride in your lawn as you do? Can you expect your property to be taken care of as well if it a rental property?