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If the lease agreement does not specify who is responsible for mowing the lawn,many landlords and tenants take a common sense approach to the problem. When it comes to caring for the exterior of the property,a tenant generally takes responsibility for that in a single family home rental.

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  • Who is responsible for lawn care in a rental property?

  • This type of lawn care agreement leaves the tenant responsible for all aspects of lawn care. Anything that needs doing, is to be done by the tenant. This includes mowing, weeding, fertilizing, watering, mulching, cleaning gutters,etc.

  • Does a landlord have to include lawn care in a lease?

  • In the end, there aren’t many laws obligating the landlord to include lawn care services in the rental lease. The role of the tenant in the lawn care is largely determined by the landlord, both parties must be certain as to the specific roles that each party will take in caring for the lawn.

  • What does a landlord have to do with yard maintenance?

  • In most instances the landlord would contract a professional lawn care service to conduct regular lawn care duties. In climates where snow is common, snow removal would often be included in the yard maintenance as well.

  • Should landlords hire a professional lawn service?

  • Plus, most landlords who employ a professional service can reasonably add the cost onto the tenant rent, thus recouping any potential losses. Ultimately, a professional will keep a property lawn looking good year-round, whereas less-experienced landlords and tenants might allow the lawn to die a slow death.