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  • Who is responsible for repairs in a rental property?

  • Minor repairs that are simple and inexpensive can be handled by the tenant. However, if something in the property breaks due to no fault of the tenant (like from normal wear and tear ), the landlord is typically responsible for the repairs. When questioning who is in charge of repairs, check the rental agreement.

  • Can a landlord force a tenant to pay for repairs?

  • Can landlords make tenants pay for repairs? A landlord can make a tenant pay for repairs if they clearly state in their lease that certain repairs will be the tenant responsibility. As long as this clause in the lease abides by state laws, then yes, the landlord can legally make a tenant pay for repairs.

  • Who pays service charges on a rental property?

  • Service charges – who pays what it covers When a rental property is contained in an apartment block or housing development, either the tenant or the landlord may be expected to pay an annual service charge. This charge will usually cover maintenance and repair work in communal areas. Paying a service charge

  • Is a landlord responsible for broken locks on a rental property?

  • In general, landlords are responsible for anything that breaks due to age, normal wear and tear, or that presents a safety issue. Common repairs landlords should pay for include: Pest infestation (unless it a direct result of tenant negligence) Broken locks (only if the tenant is not at fault)