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  • Who is responsible for pest control in a multi family rental property?

  • Multi-Family Rental Properties ?For any properties containing two or more rental units, the landlord is responsible for the extermination of any insects, rodents, or pests on the premises. That said, a landlord is not responsible when the tenant causes the infestation by failing to take reasonable action to prevent the infestation.

  • Should landlords or tenants take care of pest control?

  • So, in summary, when it comes to the pest issue, tenants should take care of the property and landlords should ensure a rental is pest-free before they rent it out.

  • Is a tenant responsible for pest control in Alaska?

  • However, the tenant portion of the law also states that tenants must keep their part of the property clean, so in obvious cases of pests caused by uncleanliness, tenants may be held accountable. According to the Alaska Landlord and Tenant Act, most pest control projects fall under roperty maintenance duties.?/div>Are Renters Responsible for Pest Control? (All 50 States

  • Are you liable for pest infestations in your rental property?

  • If you own a property and you know there are ongoing pest issues, the onus is on you to protect the premises and the tenant. The best safeguard is to have the rental inspected and any pests eradicated before the property is rented. Doing so will mean you are less likely to be held responsible if a pest infestation does later occur.