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  • Who is responsible for the lawn maintenance of a rental property?

  • Ultimately, a professional will keep a property lawn looking good year-round, whereas less-experienced landlords and tenants might allow the lawn to die a slow death. In contrast, a self-service lawn care agreement stipulates that tenants are responsible for the entirety of lawn maintenance.

  • Should a landlord be responsible for mowing the lawn?

  • If you are a tenant who thinks your landlord should be responsible for lawn care, regardless of the type of property you are renting, before you approach your landlord, you may need to take a look at your lease. Your argument for who should mow the lawn may be over before it even begins.

  • What is the rental home lawn care debate?

  • The rental home lawn care debate is a very common issue that should be addressed, agreed upon and put into your rental agreement or lease. If your home is occupied by tenants, ask yourself these questions: Does a tenant take as much pride in your lawn as you do? Can you expect your property to be taken care of as well if it a rental property?

  • Can a landlord force a tenant to take care of the yard?

  • However, if the resident is fined, it may be required that the tenant up-keep the yard. The landlord also has the option of hiring a lawn care business to take care of the yard and raise the rent of the property to compensate for the cost of the yard services.