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  • Who is responsible for maintaining the lawn in a rental property?

  • Usually the landlord hires out a lawn care service to care for and maintain the lawn. The advantage of course is having a professionally licensed company responsible for your lawn.

  • Can a landlord and tenant work together to care for the lawn?

  • If a full-service agreement isn possible and a self-service agreement is untenable, landlords and tenants might consider working together to care for the lawn. A-la-carte agreements divvy up the duties of yard care so both parties have an appropriate level of responsibility.

  • What is the rental home lawn care debate?

  • The rental home lawn care debate is a very common issue that should be addressed, agreed upon and put into your rental agreement or lease. If your home is occupied by tenants, ask yourself these questions: Does a tenant take as much pride in your lawn as you do? Can you expect your property to be taken care of as well if it a rental property?

  • Is it the tenant responsibility to mow the lawn?

  • Hands down ?it is the tenant responsibility if the property is not acreage, however, lawn and garden maintenance terms should be written into the Tenancy Agreement and discussed prior to the start of the tenancy. So, if your tenant is not mowing the lawn, what can you do? 1st stop ?Have the agent call the tenant to discuss the matter with them.