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Get clarification on the monthly rentso you can budget accordingly. Also,check if there are any late fees and when rent’s due. If you are looking for a short-term or month-to-month lease,the rent price will likely be higher. Ask what the rent prices look like based on the lease length. 2. How Much is the Security Deposit?

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  • What are the most common questions to ask when renting?

  • The majority of renters(61%) who plan to move in the next year plan to continue renting, so finding out their rental history should be one of your first rental screening questions. 3. When are you able to move in?

  • What to ask a landlord before showing a house?

  • Before looking at the place person, ask the landlord what the application process looks like and screen for the right tenant. Knowing the application process ahead of time will help you come in prepared for the showing. The application process will vary from house rental to house rental.

  • What do you need to know when renting a house?

  • Confirm which white goods come with the property, including fridge, washing machine and dishwasher. But also make sure the appliances are clean and in good working order ?and ask if the landlord will replace them if not. Do windows and doors open easily and close securely? Are there adequate locks on the doors?

  • When should you start asking questions about apartments?

  • It’s best to start asking questions early on when you first start taking tours. Finding a home that you can live in isn complicated, but finding a home that you love and checks all of your boxes is another story. Ask these questions during your apartment hunt to ensure you have everything covered before moving in.