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Credit check

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  • What to check when renting a house in the UK?

  • Things to check. Deposit cap. Check that the tenancy deposit you檙e being asked for is not more than 5 weeks?worth of rent (where annual rent is less than 50,000) or 6 weeks?rent (where annual rent is more than 50,000).

  • How does a landlord check if you have the right to rent?

  • The landlord should contact the Landlord Checking Service, who檒l let them know if you have the 榬ight to rent?and give you the right documents. If the landlord doesn contact the Landlord Checking Service, you can get advice from the Home Office Commonwealth Taskforce.

  • What do landlords look for when renting a house?

  • Financial checks. Landlords and agents usually want to check that you can pay the rent. They may ask to see: an employment contract or letter from your employer. recent payslips or bank statements. proof of benefit entitlement.

  • What to look for when checking out an apartment?

  • When you check the apartment out, make sure to try and use your phone/make a call in different areas of the home to make sure the reception is consistent and up to your standards. Wi-Fi is also something that very important to us all.