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  • What are the questions to ask when renting a house?

  • Here are 20 questions to ask when renting a house. 1. What is the application process? This should be one of the first questions to ask when renting a house. Before looking at the place person, ask the landlord what the application process looks like and screen for the right tenant.

  • What to look for when looking for a flat to rent?

  • When you檙e looking for a flat to rent, this is the person you need to impress. A name that sounds quite grand, a landlord is simply someone who owns a building, land, or property that they rent out. It also the name given to anyone who owns and runs a pub, as many old pubs used to rent out rooms to lodgers. 2. Roommate

  • What should you do when you rent a home?

  • Take your time to read documents and contracts carefully. When you rent a home, people sometimes expect you to make a quick decision, or to sign documents before you檝e had time to think about them.

  • What to check when renting a house in the UK?

  • Things to check. Deposit cap. Check that the tenancy deposit you檙e being asked for is not more than 5 weeks?worth of rent (where annual rent is less than 50,000) or 6 weeks?rent (where annual rent is more than 50,000).