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10 Must-Dos When Renting a HomeResearch the neighborhood before the move. Sure,rentals aren a permanent situation. …Read the lease terms carefully. Before signing a lease,make sure you actually read it first. …Inspect the property carefully. Putting down a security deposit? If you want it back,we recommend documenting any and all pre-existing damage to the home.Obtain renters insurance once you move in. You never know what going to happen when you move into a new home. …Set up automatic bill payments to your landlord. The last thing you want to do is pay your rent late or (worse) forget to pay it altogether. …Keep up with property maintenance. Did the toilet suddenly stop working? Is the heater making a strange noise? …

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  • What should I look out for when renting a house?

  • Check if there are any rules about them, as well as for other things such as keeping a bike, dealing with refuse and recycling. Bills. Check who is responsible for bills such as electricity, gas, water and council tax. You or the landlord? Usually the tenant pays for these.

  • Should you rent or buy your house?

  • Renting out your house can open up a new stream of income and tax breaks. But it also adds another layer of responsibility. You檒l need to stay on top of repairs, maintenance and rent collection.

  • What should you do when you rent a home?

  • Take your time to read documents and contracts carefully. When you rent a home, people sometimes expect you to make a quick decision, or to sign documents before you檝e had time to think about them.

  • What happens if the new owner of a house rents it out?

  • 淵ou may be able to stay if the new owner desires to continue renting out the home as an investment property. But, even if the new owner wants to keep renting to you, they can increase your rent.?The good news is, this is something you can negotiate upfront when signing your lease, according to Colella.