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Smoke detectors

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  • What should you check before renting an apartment?

  • There can be many things wrong with an apartment that you may not see with the naked eye. The apartment might even qualify as illegal. Thus, it is very important to do an in-depth check of the apartment before you agree to rent it. Here are 10 things you should inspect before renting a new apartment. 1. Check the cell phone reception

  • What to look for in a rental property before signing?

  • Which is why we came up with this simple checklist of things to look for in a rental property, before signing the lease. Make sure you don overlook the basics during a rental inspection. 1. Assess the security Have a look for deadlocks, window locks and other security features.

  • What should I look for when buying a house?

  • Check there enough room for white goods. Check that there is space in the kitchen for your fridge, for your dishwasher, and for any other appliances that you like to set out on the bench. See if your washing machine and dryer will fit in the laundry, too, or enquire if they come with the property.

  • What should you do when you rent a home?

  • Take your time to read documents and contracts carefully. When you rent a home, people sometimes expect you to make a quick decision, or to sign documents before you檝e had time to think about them.