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7 Things You Should Check Before Renting a PropertyCheck the Floors,Walls,and Carpets for Damages or Stains When you first enter a residential rental property,the first things you generally notice are the floors,walls,and …Check the Windows,Lights,and Light Switches to Ensure they Work If you檙e viewing the rental unit during the day and there is a good amount of natural light,…Check the Thermostat and HVAC (Heating,Ventilation,and Air Conditioning) System The thermostat in a rental unit should show a temperature that makes sense with what you feel the …Check if Safety Equipment,such as Smoke detectors,are in Working Order If there is an emergency while you檙e living at a rental property,you want to be confident …Check the Bathroom to Make Sure the Toilet and Faucets Work When you檙e doing a walkthrough of a rental suite with the landlord,you might not think about flushing …

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  • What to look for in a rental property before signing?

  • Which is why we came up with this simple checklist of things to look for in a rental property, before signing the lease. Make sure you don overlook the basics during a rental inspection. 1. Assess the security Have a look for deadlocks, window locks and other security features.

  • What are the questions to ask when renting a house?

  • Here are 20 questions to ask when renting a house. 1. What is the application process? This should be one of the first questions to ask when renting a house. Before looking at the place person, ask the landlord what the application process looks like and screen for the right tenant.

  • How to check if a house is safe to rent?

  • Ask thy neighbour: Your neighbours could be the best people to give you the right opinion about the house, locality and your landlord. Check the windows and the doors: Another way to ensure safety at your home is by checking the doors, locks and windows of the property.

  • What should I look for when buying a house?

  • Check there enough room for white goods. Check that there is space in the kitchen for your fridge, for your dishwasher, and for any other appliances that you like to set out on the bench. See if your washing machine and dryer will fit in the laundry, too, or enquire if they come with the property.