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Not all landlords have the same policy when it comes to guests. As such,it is one of the most essential questions to ask when renting a house or apartment.Find out if there is an occupancy limit and whether or not it applies to overnight guests. Ask your landlord what counts as an extended stay.

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  • What are the questions to ask a landlord before signing a lease?

  • Any responsible renter knows that you should not enter a lease agreement with your landlord without knowing all the pertinent information. Before renting an apartment or house, there are some crucial questions you must ask a landlord first. 1. How much is the rent and what is included in it? 2. How do I pay rent and when is it due? 3.

  • What questions should I ask when viewing a rental property?

  • Key questions to ask when viewing a rental property It’s important to know from the start how much it will cost you to live in the property, and what you can expect from the landlord/letting agent while you’re living there. Here are some important questions to ask: Who will be managing the property and what happens if anything goes wrong?

  • What to ask a potential tenant before you move in?

  • Top 20 Questions to Ask Potential Tenants. 1 1. Why are you looking to move? 2 2. How long have you lived in your current residence? 3 3. When are you able to move in? 4 4. Can I contact your employer and former landlords? 5 5. What is your monthly income? More items

  • When should you start asking questions about apartments?

  • It’s best to start asking questions early on when you first start taking tours. Finding a home that you can live in isn complicated, but finding a home that you love and checks all of your boxes is another story. Ask these questions during your apartment hunt to ensure you have everything covered before moving in.