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670 or higher

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  • What credit score is needed to rent an apartment or house?

  • There’s no set credit score necessary to rent an apartment or house; the criteria for approval will vary depending on the property, location, landlord and other factors. However, knowing your credit score before you start apartment-hunting can help you zero in on properties you may qualify to rent.

  • What is considered a good credit score for a mortgage?

  • Depending on the individual lender or insurer, you may see different standards, but generally a FICO score above 800 is considered excellent; 渧ery good?FICO scores range from 740 to 799; a 済ood?score ranges from 670 to 739; and 580?69 is considered 渇air.?Any score below 580 is considered poor.

  • Which cities have the highest credit scores for renters?

  • The cities with the highest credit scores were Boston (737), San Francisco (724), Seattle (711), Minneapolis (711), Oakland (707), Philadelphia (702), and Los Angeles (691). A good rule of thumb is that more competitive rental markets and fancier building will require higher credit scores, but there only one way to know for sure.

  • Do renters have lower credit scores than homeowners?

  • Renters statistically have a lower credit score than homeowners. According to, the most at-risk demographic are adults aged 20 to 29 who have an average score of 662. This score is considered fair, but any score lower than 579 should start raising serious concerns.