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When your rented home suffers a flooding,your landlord is in charge for repairs and restoration of the property. Learn more about your tenant rights here ! Home page

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  • What happens to my Landlord if my house is flooded?

  • You must tell your landlord if your home is so badly damaged by flooding that you have to move out. Your landlord doesn have to find alternative accommodation for you. your landlord has confirmed you can move back in, on the same terms as before, once the repairs are done

  • What do I do if my rented home floods?

  • Tell your landlord as soon as possible if your rented home has flooded and needs repairs. Your landlord must then carry out the repairs within a reasonable period of time, agreed between you depending on the type of work to be done.

  • How much damage can a flood do to your home?

  • From natural disasters alone in the U.S. each year, around 75,000 Americans get driven from their homes. Flood-related property damage can total up to $2 billion in a single year. And, these numbers don’t take into account what happens when your home floods for other reasons.

  • Who is responsible for flood damage to a rental property?

  • They need to know what’s going on as soon as possible with complete details as to what caused the flood and how extensive the damage is. Your landlord is responsible for anything that came with the rental. They’re required to get the house repaired and back to being livable.