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When a fire occurs,the landlord is typically responsible for covering damages to the physical property. This doesn mean a landlord won seek compensation from you,as the renter,however. If the fire is determined to be due to negligence of someone within the apartment,the landlord may seek compensation for the damages.

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  • Can a fire completely destroy a rental home?

  • A fire can do a little damage or completely destroy the entire home. I have had to deal with several different fire scenarios and they are never fun. Do you know what to do when your rental home burns down?

  • Do you have to pay rent if your apartment burns down?

  • Ongoing Payment of Rent You should not have to continue paying rent to your landlord if your apartment is dangerous or unfit to live in after the fire. One way to assess this is to request an inspector from your state health department to look at the apartment.

  • What happens to your mortgage if your house burns down?

  • You檒l also have to contact your landlord or mortgage lender after a fire. Continue to make monthly payments even if your home was completely destroyed (and car payments if your vehicle was damaged by the fire). CLICK TO TWEET You檒l also have to contact your landlord or mortgage lender after a fire.

  • What are the rights of a tenant after an apartment fire?

  • Tenants Rights After an Apartment Fire 1 Repairs Required After a Fire. Because, as a tenant, you have no ownership of the property, any repairs that must be made after a fire are the total responsibility of … 2 Replacement of Personal Belongings. … 3 Ongoing Payment of Rent. … 4 Cancellation of Leases. … 5 Advice for Tenants. …