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A rental reference (or referral) is avote of confidence from someone who knows you in a personal,financial,educational,professional,or prior rental experience capacity. Ideally,your rental reference will know you well enough to speak to your character and express it to a property manager.

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  • What is a rental reference?

  • A rental reference (or referral) is a 榲ote of confidence?from someone who knows you in a personal, financial, educational, professional, or prior rental experience capacity. Ideally, your rental reference will know you well enough to speak to your character and know how to express it to a owner/.

  • Do landlords call tenant references?

  • Landlords will collect rental references from interested renters via a rental application. One thing that is commonly found on rental applications is the request for personal, or character, references. As a landlord, you want to do a comprehensive background check on the tenant which includes calling tenant references.

  • What are some good references for renting an apartment?

  • Good rental references 1 Previous Landlords. It makes perfect sense, doesn it? … 2 Property Managers. If you live in a large apartment community, you likely deal with property managers instead of a landlord. 3 Supervisors. Your boss might not be able to talk about your rental history or financial responsibility. … 4 Colleagues. …

  • Are rental reference letters part of a background check?

  • Landlords and property managers consider rental reference letters a part of the prospective tenant background check. Whether you are applying for an apartment yourself, or have been asked to be a rental referral, it important that you know how to write a quick and impactful rental reference letter.