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Most landlords require aphoto ID,proof of income,bank statements and references. If you’re a non-U.S. resident,you may bring your passport,a copy of Form 1040-NR and other relevant documents,such as your employment contract. Bring These Documents With You Renting an apartment or house is sometimes cheaper and more convenient than buying one.

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  • What documents do I need to rent an apartment?

  • A driver’s license, passport, or other proof of legal residency is sufficient. 6. Landlord Recommendations Previous landlord recommendations can go a long way in securing your next apartment.

  • What do you need to know before renting a house?

  • Before you take this step, check the requirements to rent a house in that particular area. Most landlords will require a photo ID and proof of income, such as pay stubs or bank statements. If you’re renting from a property manager, you may have to file additional paperwork and undergo a background check.

  • What forms do landlords need to fill out for tenants?

  • However, landlords and property managers want to make sure prospective tenants are the right fit, financially responsible, and reliable before handing over the keys. Come prepared with all the paperwork you need with this list of forms; you need to document everything from income to rental history. 1. Paystubs

  • How do I provide proof of income for a rental application?

  • Provide copies of recent rent receipts/rates notices. Include a rental ledger that shows your ability to pay rent regularly and on time. Provide copies of previous utility accounts. Bank statements and payslips to show proof of income. Payslips could come from your employer or a Centrelink income statement. Did you know?