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Security deposit

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  • What do I have to pay if I rent a house?

  • Council tax – you檒l need to pay council tax if you檙e above 18 and renting a home, unless you檙e a student, fall under these exemptions, or it is included in your rent. Gas and electricity – unless stated otherwise by your landlord, you檒l also have to pay for these utilities in your property.

  • How much does it cost to rent a house or apartment?

  • If you choose to rent an apartment, you should expect to pay between $25 and $40 for your water and sewer bill. However, if you decide to rent a house, you will probably pay a little more. Whether you rent a house or an apartment, you will need to pay for a trash service, which will probably run you between $15 and $45 per month.

  • Do you have to pay the first month of rent?

  • In addition to your application fee, and security deposit, upon signing your lease, you will probably be required to pay your first month of rent. If you are renting an apartment, this will probably be the final really big upfront cost for you. However, if you are renting a house, your landlord may also require you to pay your last month of rent.

  • Do you have to pay deposit if you rent a house?

  • You may or may not be charged an initial holding deposit to secure the property, and it should be refunded. You will typically be charged anywhere between 4 ?6 weeks?worth of rent. If you檙e a HMO tenant, then your monthly rent will most likely include council tax.