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300 to 850

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  • What credit score do you need to rent an apartment?

  • The minimum credit score to rent an apartment will depend on two main factors. The first is the competition in the local rental market. The more competitive the market, the higher the credit score you檒l need.

  • Do you have to have good credit to rent a house?

  • Those generally include a minimum credit score, though that may vary from property to property. You檒l know if they plan to check your credit because first, you must sign a form authorizing the process. However, that permission may be buried in a rental application ?read everything you sign.

  • Can I rent a house with a credit score of 680?

  • In general, if your score is under 680, you will begin to have difficulties renting. Credit scores below 600 means an individual probably has at least two collections on their credit report, which means they are a credit risk, adds Chong. But don’t lose hope of renting if you have a lower score.

  • Do landlords check your credit score when renting a home?

  • Back in 2014, credit bureau TransUnion asked a sample of landlords whether they check a prospective tenant credit score when renting a home. Surprisingly, fewer than half (43 percent) said they did so. However, that statistic may be seriously misleading.