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If you find yourself unemployed and don’t have any options for finding work fast,selling your home and renting insteadcould be a wise decisionfinancially,especially if you have built up equity in your home. Even if you haven’t,reducing your monthly housing payment by moving to a less expensive rental will ease the pressure on your budget.

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  • Should I Sell my Home or rent it out?

  • There are several pros and cons to selling your home or renting it out and you should consider each against your own circumstances and needs?You won have to pay capital gains tax if your home is your main residence

  • Should I rent or buy a new home?

  • For many homeowners the cost to carry a home is too high, and renting is simply not an option. A great deal of capital is necessary to purchase a new home, and by selling their current home they are easily able to raise that capital. The cash reserves necessary to own more than one home are also high.

  • Should I Sell my House when I retire?

  • When You’re Close to Retirement. If you’re close to or at retirement age, and you have good equity in your home, selling your property allows you to free up capital to invest in more liquid assets. You can eliminate property taxes and costly homeowner’s insurance — just make sure you get renter’s insurance.

  • Is it better to rent or buy a house in retirement?

  • If you own your home outright or have a lot of equity, selling could help you fund your retirement. But renting in retirement could end up being more expensive than aging in place in a paid-off home, where you檇 be responsible for just yearly property taxes and maintenance.