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  • Should I sell or rent my house and buy another?

  • Before you sell or rent your existing home and buy another, it is vital to take expert financial and tax advice to understand the pros cons of each route. Potentially help you move home if you檙e only moving away temporarily or can sell the property.

  • Is it easier to buy a house and rent it out?

  • Buying a house and renting out the old one is usually less expensive and easier than getting a new investment property loan. A mortgage for non-owner occupied property usually needs a larger down payment and has a higher interest rate compared to a mortgage for your primary residence. Tips on How to Rent Your House and Buy Another

  • Can you rent out a house you have a mortgage on?

  • Can you rent out a house you have a mortgage on? It possible for homeowners of renting out a mortgaged home. You檒l need to check the fine print of your lending agreement to find out whether you檙e allowed to make your first home a rental property.

  • Can you rent out your primary home before buying another?

  • One possible way is through renting out your primary residence before buying another. For instance, if you have been living in a particular place for some time and your family has expanded, you may want to move to a bigger house and convert your current house into a rental property.