People also ask

  • Is it better to keep the house as a rental or flip it?

  • You must live in the house for at least one year, but after that, the house can be rented out or sold (you may be able to sell sooner in some cases). You can put much less money down when you buy as an owner-occupant, which is a huge advantage. How do you know if it is better to keep the house as a rental or flip it when you are done?

  • Why have you kept flipping houses?

  • I have kept flipping houses because the profit margins are still there on the flips. There are almost always opportunities to flip houses, but there are not always opportunities to make money with rentals. Although I stopped buying residential rentals in my market, I have been buying commercial properties in the last few years which do make money.

  • Can I buy a house to flip?

  • Buying a house to flip is considered an investment property, which changes your eligibility for a mortgage loan. Your best bet if you are new to flipping and don’t have the disposable income to pay for a house in full is to get a hard money loan through a private lender.

  • What is the difference between a flip and a renter?

  • Renters aren worried about furnaces, roofs, plumbing and the bones of the house because if anything breaks they aren responsible. On a flip, the buyers are paying a lot of money for a house they will own for years. They will get an inspection to make sure everything works properly and was repaired right.