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  • Do you rent to Section 8 tenants?

  • This is a common question we get from both landlords and from tenants about whether we rent to section eight tenants and what we think about the program. As a general rule, we檝e got nothing against the tenants who are receiving section eight assistance. In our experience, most of the tenants are great.

  • Should I accept Section 8 housing vouchers?

  • Subsidized or market rate, a responsible tenant is the key to a happy ownership experience. The choice to accept Section 8 Housing Voucher tenants is up to an individual owner. It requires a multi-level evaluation and still requires tenant evaluation. Owners that select responsible Section 8 Housing Voucher tenants are generally happy.

  • What is Section 8 and how does it work?

  • Section 8 is a rental subsidy program funded by The Department of Urban Housing and Development (HUD) and run by local public housing agencies. In other words, Section 8 will help pay all or some of a tenant rent. Section 8 is available to low-income, elderly, and disabled tenants to help pay their rent and utilities.

  • What happens if a section 8 tenant damages your property?

  • Section 8 tenants have little or no income or assets to go after to compensate you for repairs. The reality is if you are renting to a market rate tenant in a low- to moderate-income area, most market rate tenants will also have scant resources to claim against if they damage the property.