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Depending on where your rental property is located,a pool will increase your rental profitability. Renting out a house with a pool is a lot of responsibility (and somewhat risky) but it could also transform your property into someone dream home.

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  • Should you rent a property with a swimming pool?

  • Though renting a property with a pool can be risky due to liability issues, it may be worth the added property value and desirability if you are willing to adhere to swimming pool laws, handle certain maintenance tasks, and keep your tenants safe.

  • Is a landlord liable for pool damage when renting a house?

  • Renting a house with a pool can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a big responsibility. In addition to upkeep, landlords and tenants may both be potentially liable in the event of an accident or losses related to the pool.

  • Should I add a pool to my investment property?

  • With a pool the first you need to assess the area and whether or not the home buyers in your area want to a pool. Let say you檙e buying an investment property in Tasmania. Tasmania is pretty cold, not many people in Tasmania are going to list a pool extremely high on the things that they want in their house.

  • Should you buy a home with a pool in the backyard?

  • Owning a home with a pool in the backyard provides a convenient source of fun for the entire family. However, you’ll be on the hook for regular (and expensive) maintenance when the pool is in use.