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Renting a home with a poolcould widen your market for potential tenantssince it’s a trendy luxury amenity many tenants adore, especially if the rental property is located in a warmer state. Unfortunately, a swimming pool in the backyard isn a major selling point for everyone.

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  • Should you rent a property with a swimming pool?

  • Though renting a property with a pool can be risky due to liability issues, it may be worth the added property value and desirability if you are willing to adhere to swimming pool laws, handle certain maintenance tasks, and keep your tenants safe.

  • What do you need to know before renting a pool?

  • Additionally, property owners may need to post warning signs, provide pool alarms, or take other actions before renting the property. So, it is important to research all applicable laws and local requirements.

  • Should you buy a home with a pool in the backyard?

  • Owning a home with a pool in the backyard provides a convenient source of fun for the entire family. However, you’ll be on the hook for regular (and expensive) maintenance when the pool is in use.

  • Do I need renter insurance for a pool?

  • While requiring tenants to have renter insurance is a good idea, renter policies typically do not include coverage for a pool. You may need to post signs, build a fence, provide safety equipment and take other precautions for your insurance policy to be valid. 5. Pools require continual upkeep