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  • What does my boyfriend have to pay if I buy a house?

  • 淎s an owner, your boyfriend should cover the costs associated with ownership ?property improvements, repairs, insurance ?like any landlord would,?says Asebedo. To determine your monthly payments, check out current rental rates for similar properties nearby.

  • What happens to your mortgage when you rent a house?

  • 淎s a renter, you檙e already paying part of the mortgage for whoever owns your home, so in that sense, nothing will change,?says Clinton Gudmunson, a professor of family studies at Iowa State University. 淵ou檙e still paying for a place to live, and that worth any person money.

  • Is your boyfriend your landlord?

  • However, there is a relatively simple way to break it down, in concept: Treat housing expenses as though your boyfriend is your landlord.

  • What happens if my boyfriend owns the House I own?

  • 淭he bottom line is that if your boyfriend owns the house, he bears all of the associated risks. These include a decline in the home market value, any expenses associated with its future sale, and necessary maintenance and upkeep.?/div>Should I Pay Rent When My Boyfriend Owns the House?