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Your boyfriendshouldn expect you to pay for those things either until you both own the property. Renting also gives you certain protections and having a formal rental agreement will help you feel secure about your move.

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  • What does my boyfriend have to pay if I buy a house?

  • 淎s an owner, your boyfriend should cover the costs associated with ownership ?property improvements, repairs, insurance ?like any landlord would,?says Asebedo. To determine your monthly payments, check out current rental rates for similar properties nearby.

  • Is your boyfriend your landlord?

  • However, there is a relatively simple way to break it down, in concept: Treat housing expenses as though your boyfriend is your landlord.

  • Can I pay rent to my partner if I’m not married?

  • Assuming you are not married, the rent payment would be income to your partner which they would have to claim as such on their tax filings. It would also likely complicate their tax filings somewhat.

  • Does my partner have rights to my house?

  • In terms of whether this would give your partner rights over the house, the answer is no, unless you are married or they do substantial building work to improve the value of the house (or fund such building work). Re JPS29 – I had a partner that did not contribute towards the household expenses, we did not stay together.