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A house is one purchase, while most equity investors either own a few stocks or a basket of companies representative of the larger market, such as the SP 500. If you don want to move to an area where the housing market has good fundamentals, you might want to rent and invest the capital elsewhere (vice versa).

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  • Should you rent or buy a home?

  • If buying a home would take all your savings or stretch your monthly budget, it may make sense to keep renting for now. To rent, you typically just need a deposit and first and last month rent. Renting for a while can also give you time to raise your credit score, potentially saving you money in interest and other loan-related costs.

  • Is buying a home a good investment?

  • If you buy a home that you can later sell or mortgage, then of course it is an investment. Moreover for some of the reasons I and others stated, homes can be a good investment. When I bought my home a year ago, it was my belief that stocks were overvalued, and bonds and bank accounts yielded abysmally low returns.

  • Should you invest in real estate or rental properties?

  • 淧eople will always need homes to live in, and land is becoming only more and more scarce.?Plus, rental properties allow you to make money in both the short term through rental income (on monthly basis) and in the long run though appreciation, she points out. So invest in real estate or the stock market?

  • Is it better to buy a house with stock or cash?

  • Also, a quality stock that paying dividends is likely to give you a better return than a savings account with your bank. 淲hen you檙e ready to buy a personal home, you can sell some of your stock and use it to buy your first home,?he says.