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If you suspect that the property you are renting is in foreclosure,such as utilities not being paid that is the responsibility of your landlord,you can try to find out in a number of ways. Some counties have court cases online so you couldlook up your landlord (or their company) and see if they have a pending or completed foreclosure case.

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  • What happens when a rental property is in foreclosure?

  • by Leaf Group. Although a homeowner is not required to notify a rental tenant if the property is in foreclosure, tenants have a right to know. Foreclosure notices are public record. If the homeowner stops paying the mortgage, you must keep paying the rent as agreed in your lease. Tenants renting a foreclosure have rights.

  • Can you rent a house while in foreclosure?

  • For another, you might have signed an assignment of rents in your mortgage documents, which means if you are in foreclosure, your lender gets any collected rents. This effectively makes it not worth your time in most cases. Depending on your state laws, it could also be fine for you to rent during foreclosure.

  • Do landlords have to tell tenants about foreclosures?

  • Most states have laws that direct landlords to disclose anything about the rental property that, if known, might change the mind of the tenant about renting. In most cases, a pending foreclosure is one of those things. You have some options about when to tell tenants about the foreclosure.

  • What are a tenant rights during a foreclosure?

  • According to the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure Act, in most cases, new owners must give renters at least 90 days’ notice before they move out of the property. Before the act, renters could find themselves evicted after a few days of foreclosure. However, if a tenant is 渂ona fide,?they may have the right to stay through the end of the lease.