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If you suspect that the property you are renting is in foreclosure, such as utilities not being paid that is the responsibility of your landlord, you can try to find out in a number of ways. Some counties have court cases online so you couldlook up your landlord (or their company) and see if they have a pending or completed foreclosure case.

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  • Do tenants have a right to know if a rental property is foreclosed?

  • Although a homeowner is not required to notify a rental tenant if the property is in foreclosure, tenants have a right to know. Foreclosure notices are public record.

  • Are renters and tenants affected by foreclosures?

  • Renters and tenants are now being affected by foreclosures almost as often as homeowners. The financial downturn resulted in thousands — no, make that millions — of foreclosed homes. Most of the occupants are the homeowners themselves, who must scramble to find alternate housing with very little notice.

  • Do you have to pay rent when a house is in foreclosure?

  • While the property is in foreclosure proceedings, the rent should still be paid to the owner. However, once the property is owned by the bank or new owner, renters should stop paying rent to the former owner. However, it can be confusing how to pay after the changeover occurs, and they may be in limbo for a while.

  • Are there any laws to protect renters from foreclosure?

  • Some state and local laws may offer protections for renters in the foreclosure process. More information about landlord-tenant laws in your state is available as well as a summary of state and local tenant protections from foreclosure .