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  • Is the’Home Alone’house on Airbnb for rent?

  • (CNN) Calling all filthy animals: Airbnb is renting out the Home Alone house this month for one hijinks-filled night. The very same Chicago-area home that saw a young Macaulay Culkin get the better of the buffoonish Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern will be available for one overnight stay on December 12.

  • Where is the 楬ome Alone?house?

  • While the original cast of Home Alone has vacated the residence, the house still stands tall in the Chicago area. The house, which includes a fancy staircase and festive lounge area, is specifically located in Winnetka, Illinois. Starting on December 7, 2021, fans were able to rent the house for one night only.

  • How much does it cost to stay at home alone house?

  • The $25 stay will also include junk food, booby traps, a film screening and other holiday hijinks. Calling all fans of Christmas movie classics: The iconic house from the 1990 film Home Alone will be available to rent on Airbnb for one night only this holiday season.

  • Is there a tarantula in the home in Home Alone?

  • The pet tarantula that terrified the Wet Bandits will be there, too, according to Airbnb’s description, because it wouldn’t be Christmas without an arachnid. Beware of booby traps at Airbnb’s Home Alone house. Perhaps most surprising is the home’s host: Buzz McAllister, Kevin’s pugnacious older brother.