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  • Can I rent out a room in my apartment?

  • Renting out a room in your apartment is a business arrangement and should be treated as such, whether you’re renting to a friend, and especially if you’re renting to a stranger. Before you even think about renting out part of your home, make sure you’re allowed to do so.

  • Is every room in a house a legal rental?

  • If you檙e seeking a room share (whether to rent a room in someone house, or, as the owner, to lease out a room in your home), it may seem easy enough to broker a deal that decides who cooks in the kitchen when, what days visitors can come or go, or how late to use the laundry room. But not every room in a house is necessarily a legal rental.

  • Is it legal to rent out unused space in a house?

  • Some municipalities have rules and restrictions about renting rooms in homes, so make sure your desire to rent out unused space will keep you compliant with the law. Your city or town might also have zoning laws that prevent residents from renting to people who are unrelated to them without a license or permit.

  • What are the tax rules for renting out a room?

  • If you rent out a room in your home, the tax rules apply to you in the same way as they do for landlords who rent out entire properties. This means you get to deduct the expenses arising from your rental activity.