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  • Is it better to rent an apartment or a house?

  • Choosing between renting a house and renting an apartment often means choosing the location where you檇 like to live. Looking at the total cost of renting an apartment vs a house, apartments are often a more affordable option.

  • Is it more expensive to own or rent a home?

  • Across all 50 states and Washington, D.C., it costs more each month to own a home than to rent. The median cost people pay nationwide to own a home is 54% more than the median cost to rent each month. The smallest difference is still a third more to own.

  • Should you pay rental fees on an apartment or house?

  • For some consumers, paying rental fees on an apartment can make more financial sense than paying rent on a house, and vice versa. There’s more to the decision than cost, however.

  • What is the difference between a house and a rental property?

  • Although homes can vary in size, they are typically larger than rental apartments. As a result, they are more costly to heat and also can have higher electric bills. Rental properties typically have a more compact and efficient floor plan, making them more affordable to heat and power than many houses.