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  • Is it worth it to rent out your house?

  • While it may sound lucrative to rent out your house or a portion of it, the extra money may not be worth the time and stress. You檇 need to market your home and screen tenants as thoroughly as possible. You檇 also need to handle repairs and maintenance or hire the right professionals to do it.

  • Should you rent or buy your home in retirement?

  • Renting out your home can diversify your investments and income streams, enabling you to reduce your financial risk. For example, if you lost your job, you would still have some income from the rental. Or, if you find your retirement savings are insufficient, you檝e got a piece of real estate you can sell.

  • Is it better to rent or sell your old home?

  • Are you better off keeping your old place as a rental, or does selling it make more sense? While renting allows you to either pay off your mortgage or make a little money every month, it also comes with a fair amount of risk and added tax complications. Why Rent Your Home?

  • How much difference is there between renting and buying a house?

  • The difference doesn have to be huge. For example, let say you rent for $1,000 but would have to pay a $1,300 mortgage payment on a comparable home. That檇 $3,600 each year that you can save or invest. And, unlike home equity, those savings are liquid.