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  • Is it better to rent or buy a house?

  • That’s really a difficult question to answer, but you could make a good argument that renting is the better option if you’re investing money every year. Most people do not appreciate the fact that average year-to-year maintenance runs from 1% to 3% of a home’s cost, Costa says.

  • Should you rent out your house or sell it?

  • You should rent out your house if you can get fair market value for your home, you檒l lose money on the house, or you could make money on it by renting or keeping it as an investment property. If you can make money every month or break even and sell for more as the house appreciates, then renting is the right strategy for you.

  • Is it worth it to rent an apartment for a year?

  • You should break even or come out with at least a $1,200 profit for the year for the rental to be worth it. To get an idea of how much your place might rent for, look at sites like RENTCaf that list local rental market trends. For example, RENTCaf lists the average rent for a D.C. apartment at $1,883.

  • What are the pros and cons of renting a house?

  • Investment opportunities: Renting can free up some of your income, since you won be spending it on repairs or upgrades. You may have extra funds, also called disposable income, to invest in building your finances rather than investing in a home. Temporary: The biggest pro of renting is also the biggest con.