People also ask

  • Is it possible to rent a house for 2 months?

  • If you have the financial resources to afford a monthly lease, you may find that this is your best possible option when seeking housing for two months.

  • Is it better to rent month to month or long-term?

  • Month to month leases are almost always more expensive than a long-term lease. It can be expensive for a landlord to replace a tenant. To make up for the uncertainty of a short-term renter, landlords often charge a higher monthly rent. You pay extra for the flexibility of a month to month rental.

  • How much money can you make renting out your rental property?

  • Studies have shown that the same rental property that would bring $1,000 a month as a long-term rental, can make three times more when rented out to several guests in short term rents. So you could potentially make up to $24,000 more a year with the same property!

  • Can you have different rates for long-term rentals?

  • Instead of a vacation rental agreement, you檒l have a lease where you檒l include the terms of stay. Just like you can have a varying daily rate for a long-term vacation rental, you certainly can have a varying rate for long-term rentals. Long-term rental rates are typically priced month to month and are baked into the lease agreement.