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  • Is it legal to rent a room in Your House?

  • While federal housing laws do prohibit discrimination, renting a room in your house is a slightly different affair, and it doesn fully fall under the standard purview. Unlike renting a house, you can include language in your room rental listing which specifies a preference for someone of a certain sex.

  • Can I rent out part of my house?

  • However, your mortgage lender will often require their consent before you start the process of finding someone to rent your room. Typically, renting out part of your home, as long as it is your primary residence, will not negatively impact your mortgage.

  • Can a landlord own a rental property?

  • Although a landlord may own a rental property, tenants have unique protections from discrimination, harassment, arbitrary rent increases, and wrongful eviction.

  • Do landlords and tenants have different rights to illegal rental units?

  • Landlords and tenants both have certain rights when it comes to illegal rental units, but make sure you know how to remain legally-compliant. Illegal rental units are pretty common, but many landlords and tenants don know that they are dealing with one.