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Yes,the lack of heat is probably a breach of the implied covenant of habitability and so is the lack of ventilation. Whether you have a worthwhile case depends on lots of factors,inlcuding the amount of rent you’ve paid over time and any injury caused.

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  • Does a landlord have to provide heat in a rental property?

  • In most states, landlords are required to provide adequate heat, but they usually don need to provide air conditioning. All states have laws and regulations to ensure safe, habitable living conditions in rental properties, and that includes providing heat. Local ordinances can also determine what utilities landlords must provide.

  • Can a landlord break a lease if there is no heat?

  • If your landlord negligence left you in a house with no heat or AC and you were forced to leave for your safety, you might consider legal action. If your landlord doesn maintain safe and habitable conditions, you are within your rights to break the lease.

  • Is my Landlord required to fix the heat or air conditioning?

  • Since the United States spans many different climates, the laws vary by region. Is My Landlord Required to Fix the Heat or AC? If your landlord is required by law to provide heat or air conditioning and either of these systems fail in your unit, the landlord must repair the problem within a reasonable amount of time.

  • Can a landlord replace a space heater during the winter months?

  • First, your landlord must keep the property safe and habitable, which means providing heat during the winter months. Second, your landlord has to keep the property in the condition it was in when you signed the lease. For example, if you were promised a home with central heat and air, the landlord can’t replace that system with space heaters.