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If the no heat issues are still unresolved,you may be able to withhold rent or terminate your lease. But as Massachusetts Legal Aid explains,that may require taking your landlord to court. Under the implied warranty of habitability,tenants are generally guaranteed a home that’s suitable for habitation. Under local laws,this can include heat.

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  • Does a landlord have to provide heat in a rental property?

  • In most states, landlords are required to provide adequate heat, but they usually don need to provide air conditioning. All states have laws and regulations to ensure safe, habitable living conditions in rental properties, and that includes providing heat. Local ordinances can also determine what utilities landlords must provide.

  • Can a landlord break a lease if there is no heat?

  • If your landlord negligence left you in a house with no heat or AC and you were forced to leave for your safety, you might consider legal action. If your landlord doesn maintain safe and habitable conditions, you are within your rights to break the lease.

  • What are a tenant’s rights if there is no heat in Georgia?

  • Regardless of who’s right and who’s wrong, tenants still do have rights when they rent. According to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, renters still have to pay rent, even if they have no heat. However, the landlord does have to keep electric, plumbing and heating equipment in working order.

  • Is my Landlord required to fix the heat or air conditioning?

  • Since the United States spans many different climates, the laws vary by region. Is My Landlord Required to Fix the Heat or AC? If your landlord is required by law to provide heat or air conditioning and either of these systems fail in your unit, the landlord must repair the problem within a reasonable amount of time.