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  • Can you rent out a property in foreclosure?

  • It is not uncommon for struggling homeowners to rent out a property in foreclosure to earn extra cash before losing the property. By renting a vacant property, the homeowner earns income and keeps the property occupied to avoid squatters and other undesirable elements.

  • Do landlords have to disclose a house is in foreclosure to tenants?

  • Although state law now requires a landlord to disclose in writing to a prospective tenant if the property to be rented is in foreclosure, landlords do not always comply with the law.

  • Do you need a lawyer for a rental property foreclosure?

  • If you have any questions about federal, state, or local laws that apply in the foreclosure of a rental property, consider talking to a landlord-tenant attorney or a foreclosure attorney.

  • What happens to tenants when a house is foreclosed?

  • But there another important demographic being negatively impacted by foreclosures ?tenants. Just like owner-occupied properties, when a landlord falls on hard times and can pay the mortgage, the bank forecloses and often becomes the new owner of the rental property, as well as the new landlord.