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  • Is black mold a problem in rental property apartments?

  • Here some insight to better understand your rights as the tenant when it comes to addressing black mold in rental property apartments. Technically known as Stachybotrys chartarum, black mold poses a serious threat to human health by causing respiratory problems, mental impairment, skin inflammation, and internal organ damage.

  • Can I Sue my Landlord for black mold?

  • Can I Sue My Landlord for Black Mold? If you have reason to believe your rental is contaminated with toxic black mold, and it has caused health problems, suing your landlord for black mold is one way to get compensated.

  • Is a landlord responsible for mold in a rental property?

  • Mold or not, it the landlord responsibility to ensure that the property is habitable. Under the law, you檙e required to maintain the property for your tenant and make necessary repairs such as fixing broken windows, leaky pipes and roofs.

  • What to do if your apartment has mold in it?

  • Your landlord can be held accountable for addressing and correcting the mold problem. You might be entitled to withhold future rent payments until the landlord fixes the issue. You might even have a legitimate legal claim against your landlord if their negligence led to the presence of the mold in the first place.