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Not hard to rent

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  • Is it hard to rent a house with 3 bedrooms?

  • Buy a Home With a Minimum Configuration of 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths. It is not to say that a two-bedroom home is hard to rent but it is easier to rent a 3-bedroom, and the home will command a higher rental amount.

  • Is renting really so bad?

  • This is all clearly a problem. But is renting itself really so terrible? Our writers argue for and against renting. It easy to focus on the negative side of renting. It is, after all, a constant reminder of how unaffordable housing is, and rent itself can be pretty sky-high too. But there also something freeing about renting.

  • Should you invest the difference between renting an apartment and owning a home?

  • If you live in a market where you can rent an apartment for substantially less per month than you could own a home, you can invest the difference. The difference doesn have to be huge. For example, let say you rent for $1,000 but would have to pay a $1,300 mortgage payment on a comparable home.

  • Can you ask for a higher rental price for a house?

  • You’ll also be able to ask for a higher rental price for it. A potential tenant who needs a two-bedroom home might be tempted to pay a little more for a three-bedroom home, but a tenant who needs three or more bedrooms will not rent a two-bedroom house.