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  • Is it better to rent or own a home?

  • You can work from home if you have your own business or if your employer is in favor of working remotely. You can enjoy your home while you檙e there, and you can sell whenever you choose. If it time for you to seriously consider whether to rent or own, you can see that there are benefits from homeownership.

  • Is a rent-to-own home a good investment?

  • For some, rent-to-own is a fantastic opportunity to invest in a future home purchase, but for others, that same decision could be financially damaging. That why it important to weigh all the pros and cons before committing to a rent-to-own home.

  • Should you buy a house or rent it out?

  • You will not have to face increasing rentals. When you buy a house with a loan, you are already aware of the EMI required to be paid over the long term. Hence, the future costs are predictable and more stable. There is less likelihood of interference in your life, when you live in your own home.

  • What are the advantages of owning your own home?

  • Advantages of home ownership over rental accommodations The main benefits of living in one own home, rather than a rented home are: A sense of security and pride in home ownership. You will not have to face increasing rentals.