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  • Should you rent-to-own or buy a home?

  • If you know you want to own your own home and take advantage of all the benefits of home ownership, renting-to-own might be a reasonable entry into the market. Rent-to-own is an agreement in which you rent a home for a specific period of time with the option of buying it.

  • Should you own or rent your home when working from home?

  • You also have options when you own, like renting out a room or a basement to help you pay the mortgage (or save even more). You can work from home if you have your own business or if your employer is in favor of working remotely. You can enjoy your home while you檙e there, and you can sell whenever you choose.

  • Is it cheaper to rent or own a house?

  • Your mortgage payment is a fixed cost each month, like rent. However, it is quite feasible that you could have a lower mortgage payment than the monthly rental fee. Also, when you own a home, your cost will be less over time as you pay down your interest and principal.

  • Is owning a home right for You?

  • Owning a home may be a lifelong goal for many Americans but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Homeownership rates are currently high in the U.S., but this hasn always been the case. Families have historically needed to either build their own homes or rent a home from someone else.