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For those with high financial resources,buying is better than renting. Yet for those building toward a purchase renting does seem more sensible. While house prices are rocketing,in general,rents aren. This should allow renters to save more money in 2021/2022 to allow them to afford a better home in 2023.

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  • Is it better to rent or buy a home?

  • Renting a home comes with a lot of flexibility and freedom that attractive to nomadic souls as well as those with savings that are slim to none. On the other hand, buying a home can be liberating and, at the same time, stabilizing.

  • Is it better to buy a house now or wait?

  • The virtues of buying grow when you stay in a home for a while. As the years pass and your home equity and value have a chance to build, less of each mortgage payment is used to pay off interest and more goes toward your principal.

  • Should first-time home buyers buy or rent?

  • However, lots of first-time home buyers continue to weigh the buy vs rent numbers, in the hope of perhaps buying a house. Should We Continue Renting? The answer for that question is increasingly Yes. Economists are concerned about inflation.

  • Why are so many wealthy people renting vs buying?

  • How strange it is that people with lots of money are deciding to rent vs buy. RentCafe reported that in Seattle, WA, renter-occupied households earning over $150K per year multiplied 7.4 times and the number of Charlotte NC high-income households living in rentals has grown by 400%. It uncertain as to why so many wealthier people are renting.