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淧urchasing a home is generally regarded as a good investmentcompared to renting because you can build equity. When you rent,all you do is pay someone else mortgage,?notes Annie Kou,owner of AK Luxury Properties and a contract attorney in Los Angeles.

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  • Is it better to rent or buy an investment property?

  • In this regard, opting to instead rent will save you more money, and leasing other properties will add profit. Buying investment properties while renting could be the better investment in the long-term. Appreciation on a house may not be in your favor: Sometimes appreciation is not as smooth as we might perceive it to be.

  • Should you rent or buy a home?

  • If buying a home would take all your savings or stretch your monthly budget, it may make sense to keep renting for now. To rent, you typically just need a deposit and first and last month rent. Renting for a while can also give you time to raise your credit score, potentially saving you money in interest and other loan-related costs.

  • Is buying a home a good investment?

  • Many experts believe buying a home is a great investment because it a fairly safe place to put your money, and home values generally increase over time. However, the returns aren as large as you might see on other investment vehicles.

  • Can you borrow money to buy a rental property?

  • 1. You can purchase rentals using leverage. Rental properties are great because you can borrow the bank or someone else money to increase the potential return. This is known as leverage. In other words, you don need to have 100 percent of a property purchase price on hand to be able to buy it.